On the Road...


Advent is a season in the church calendar that we share by telling and celebrating the story of Jesus coming to earth, and participate in some Sunday morning practices like lighting the Advent candles, reading scripture and praying together.

This year, our Advent themes have taken shape around the following themes:

- travelling 

- no room at the inn

- journeying in faith

- waiting on the Lord for salvation

- making space for those travelling far from home/the displaced in our society and community looking for a place to call home/looking for Christ

It's interesting to note that, like our church, all the principle characters in the Advent story are on the move: the wise men trekking far from home, Mary & Joseph in a hostile country and without advance hotel reservations; the shepherds outside in the fields then led to leave their area of comfort and work and travel somewhere else to discover Jesus. 

Each week of Advent, watch this space for new art, questions to meditate on, scriptures to read and reflections written by members of our community.  If you feel inspired to contribute through writing, art or speaking on a theme, please contact Lian Lister (lianlister@hotmail.com) to get involved!