Looking up, letting go - Day 2

Today, just like we see in yesterday's Psalms, the content of Psalms 111 & 96 reminds us that we are in relationship with a gracious, compassionate and faithful God. Not only that, but he is one who holds the world together and provides food for the hungry.

We, in these first few days of readings, are getting soaked in the reality of who God is, and how we are to relate to him - with joy, with praise, and with a clear understanding of his infinite and steadfast love for us and the world he has made.

The assumption of being loved is always a good place to start - I know in my own life, I've experienced the fruit of that firm foundation of trust and love when working things out with my husband. If I assume that there is love and care behind his actions, we don't fight. Even if he forgets to carry the load or do some much needed chores, take care of details I had hoped he would, or says something careless, I don't feel neglected or upset, because I assume, first and foremost, that he loves me, and is for me. 

But as soon as I start to think differently about his intentions (maybe he meant to teach me a lesson, make a point, even the score - or maybe he doesn't care about me like I thought he did) - all these thoughts and assumptions start to chew away at the fabric of our mutual trust and  take us right into conflict and misunderstanding.  A waylaid sock on the floor or missed bill payment or offhand comment becomes suffused with hurtful overtones and our conversations turn quickly to argument and blame.

Take some time today to remind your heart of who God is through a re-reading of  Psalm 111 & 96, and ask the Lord to fill in those places in your heart where mistrust and misunderstanding has filtered in - replacing them with a firm, unshakeable understanding that He is for you, and not against you.