Looking up, letting go - Day 3


Psalm 103 & 98 are all about perspective: the way in which our loving and compassionate God views us and the world, and the way we are to respond, along with all of creation, to Him. 

In his novel, Bleak House, Charles Dickens describes a destitute servant girl leaving the house of a wealthy Londoner and dissapearing into the city like "a teardrop in a vast ocean."  

Our perspective often gets stuck in one of two places: our own struggles and the detailed days of our lives taking all of our attention, or we feel like we don't matter at all - unknown and unloved in a huge world overseen by an even bigger God. 

We are not teardrops dissapearing daily into God's vast ocean - rather, the Psalmist says our God takes an intensely personal view - "he knows how we are formed" and knows our desires, our struggles, and all of our sins. We may feel small and lost in the crowd, (especially living in a bustling urban context) but we are reminded that God relates in the most personal of ways to each of us with a massive, overwhelming, off the charts kind of love: our transgressions are removed as far as east is from west, and his love for us is as high and wide and deep as the space between heaven and earth. 

These Psalms also serve to remind us that we are a part of something much larger than ourselves - we are not just individuals looking out for our own survival or worshiping God in solitude - we are integral parts of families, churches, communities, workplaces, neighbourhoods, cities and countries - all of whom together are called to worship and rejoice in the marvelous works of the Lord. 

Take some time today to adjust your perspective as the Psalmist does: you are a unique, individual person seen and loved by God, but also a person roused to join your voice of praise, from the innermost depths of your soul, to the song of all creation: together, we are called to recognize and rejoice in the salvation of the Lord.