For everything that went wrong...

Despite the chill, (we are still in lively conversation with the grand old gal about some of her systems, like heating...) Thanksgiving at the Hollywood was rich and thought-provoking.

Pastor Tim's sermon about shame and the story of redemption that unfolds in John 4 is up on the Listen section of our site. 

We are a modern church in many ways, but we dabble in a little liturgy now and again - and here's our 2012 Thanksgiving community prayer: 

Thank you, Jesus
For everything that has gone wrong this week
We are reminded that we need you, and we need each other
Thank you, Father
For all the people who rub us the wrong way
For they are gifts to us - to remind us that your love is infinite, and without prejudice
Thank you, Lord
For all the nice things we don't have
The possessions and cares that could weigh us down, and clutter up
the hallways of our hearts
Thank you, God
For our worst outbursts and selfish thoughts
For they whet our appetites again for your bread of life
The refreshing taste of grace
Given freely, given with compassion
We offer our gratitude and thanks
For all we are not, for this imperfect world
For our all-too-human families and friends
For this reclaimed building with all its faults and quirks
You are everything we are not
And yet you are here with us, sharing in all of it
Hearing our thanks, and prevailing in love.

(Prayer copyright Church at the Hollywood, 2012 - Creative Commons License)