It's a Wonderful Life


Just heard the news that our miracle movie is making its way across the country - estimated ETA is Thursday afternoon!

If you haven't heard, we're screening North America's only copy of It's a Wonderful Life on 35mm at the Hollywood this coming weekend. Can't hardly believe it! 

Through a series of blessed events, we've had some very hardworking and passionate people, including our superhero volunteer projectionist, Chris, track down the film, convince the studio to send it to us, fire up the 1940s era projectors and find all the right gear. Meanwhile, our Hollywood angels have been toiling away to set up the theatre and make some minor renovations to transform the space back into the grand old movie theatre it is. I feel like every time the phone rings, another angel gets their wings and another miracle occurs to make this film screening a reality. 

We may never see another 35mm film at the Hollywood, and it's been a little dream since we opened back in September, and here we are! One week away from making history. 

Life is indeed wonderful. 

Check out our page here with all the details and showtimes, join the Facebook event, and spread the word. We've got 500 tickets per show, with a suggested donation of $5 per ticket. All proceeds are going to local charities.

If you'd like to volunteer to make popcorn, usher, greet or take tickets and be a part of history, please join us for a volunteer orientation on Thursday, December 5th at the theatre, 7pm.

3123 West Broadway - we could use a few more angels!

Spread the word! Download the poster and get the press release.