Doing the Stuff 2013

doing the stuff final.png

Starting January 23rd, we'll be here at the Point Grey building every Wednesday and Thursday night until Easter, "doing the stuff" - practicing the work of the kingdom of God, and doing ministry together. Everyone in the church is encouraged to attend either on Wednesday or Thursday night, and get some practical training and hands on experience in ministry: praying for people, hearing from God, sharing one's faith, and much more...working right alongside the leadership team here at Church at the Hollywood. There are no experts here, so don't be intimidated - we are all called to "do the stuff" together, building one another and the church up in love and humility for the sake of the gospel.  (Ephesians 4)

Don't miss Pastor Tim's sermon this Sunday, January 13, to get the full vision, and join us starting January 23rd at 3512 W 7th (& Collingwood), 7pm.

For more info and any questions you may have, please email Tim ( or Mike (