Open Road: Writers Wanted

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"And so it is of critical importance that the men and women who care fervently about, the Christ-formed passionately attentive to the use of language." 

 - Eugene Peterson

Are you a writer? Interested in language and the way it shapes community? Looking for a community to write for and within? Are you someone with an imagination that tends to come out through paper and pen (or keyboard)?

We are looking to start a writing community that both produces work for our church (prayers, liturgy, plays, devotions, songs, special projects) and creates encouraging, constructive space for personal growth and development of the writing craft on a regular basis. Teaching, writing prompts, giving and receiving of feedback, special projects, fun literary events, celebration of works, ongoing church communications and peer support/mentorship will all be part of the Open Road community. 

Email to get involved - there is room for a handful of leaders to help shape the road ahead and anyone with a passion for words to join in. Once we have two or three writers/leaders gathered, we'll start to meet together to do some writing on a regular basis in the next few months.