On the Road: Advent Artists & Writers Needed!

advent 2013 on the road.png

Advent will be a season of travelling for us which was unexpected in terms of our Christmas planning and focus.

We'd love to see some art, writing, prayers, photographs, crafts, meditations and music that would walk us through the season in a creative and consistently themed way. 

Themes to consider are:

- travelling 

- no room at the inn

- journeying in faith

- waiting on the Lord for salvation

- making space for those travelling far from home/the displaced in our society and community looking for a place to call home/looking for Christ

It's interesting to note that all the principle characters in the Advent story are on the move: the wise men trekking far from home, Mary & Joseph in a hostile country and without advance hotel reservations; the shepherds outside in the fields then led to leave their area of comfort and work and travel somewhere else to discover Jesus. 

It won't be intensive, but will require some planning ahead and commitment. 

Things to spark your creativity:

  • art pieces to be created in advance or during the services 
  • online writing and scheduled blog posts/meditations for each Sunday of advent
  • Social media: a logo, picture, phrase and hashtag that helps us track together as a congregation
  • original prayers/liturgy written and said together
  • a particular song or two that captures our theme and that we sing together during Advent
  • a project/idea/prompt/challenge for people during the week in their observance of Advent
  • scripture readings for the congregation to be scheduled/blog post written about them each week
  • stories/testimonies of waiting on the Lord and journeying together

If you would like to contribute, please contact Sarah Kift (sarah@pgcc.org) to sign up - include your area of interest, theme, and what you are able to contribute.  

We will be formalising our Advent plans based on your contributions, so don't wait too long to sign up, as what you give will shape what we do!