It's Hampertime!!!


As an expression of mission this Christmas season, I would like to encourage invite you and your friends/family to put together Christmas hampers for some of the less fortunate families that have children who attend Bayview Elementary (the school beside the church). We have been doing this in partnership with Bayview for many years, and always see much blessing and joy for local families who need a little Christmas cheer and support.  We also put together a couple of hampers for some of our dear friends in need who are part of our church community. 

Each hamper can contain non-perishable food items, gift(s) for family members, as well as a food gift card/certificates. The food card is helpful so that families can choose and buy the food they want/need. Include your name and any Christmas message with the hamper so that the family knows where the hamper is coming from. 

I will be able to provide you with the name of the family, # of family members complete with sex and age as well as a wish list of ideas that each parent would like considered. 

The hampers need to be put together and delivered to the church by Sunday December 15 so that Bayview can collect and deliver them to the families during the last week of school before Christmas break. 

This Sunday there will be grey bins/hampers at the church in the lobby. 

- Tyson Beesley