Lent 2013: Sixth Sunday

sixth sunday of Lent - 2013.png

Waiting for God’s Restoration.

Isaiah 44:21-28

There are times when God’s promises take long to be fulfilled. Every moment of assurance seems like adding salt to injury! For example, the life of pain and suffering associated with refugees is always painful, and lacks assurance immediate restoration. The Syrian refugees have now reached the registered number of nearly One Million Two hundred this week. What does Lent mean to these vulnerable refugees, running away from civil war in their own country? Will Jesus manifest in their lives this Lent season? This was the situation of God’s people, who were exiled in Babylon, waiting to be restored back to their land.

Moving to our own individual situations, we need to reflect on the reality of God’s promises to us through his Word. There are times in my own life when I feel like God has forgotten me, especially when times of trial seem to prolong. But, in this Lent season, it is good to remember that there is no circumstance that can change God’s love and commitment to you. His purposes for your life will ultimately be accomplished.

When I have struggled with guilt, I have often found myself drifting away from God’s assuring presence in my life. It is good news to learn that God has washed away all my offenses, no matter how grave I feel they are. The offenses will never return to me, but I can return to the ever faithful God! I should then take my rightful place in my freedom, and plunge into the abundance of God’s love for me.

The time of Lent is a time of celebration! It is a time to overflow with joy, because of what the Lord has done for us. While the enemy of my soul would want me to feel depressed and abandoned by God, my ears will remain open, so that I may hear the sounds of jubilation from the host of heaven and the earth, celebrating over my life. My life is no longer the same, everything is new, and I have a new beginning.

What is the basis of my life? My life has a beginning in God, and I will not wind up into the hands of my enemies, whoever they may be. My security is in the Maker of my life, who is more powerful and wiser than all.  My circumstances, no matter how adverse they might be, they are limited.

In my time of reflection, I must be aware of contrary voices to God’s will in my life. These are voices of false prophets, who come to mislead us from focusing on God. But, I will let the joy of the Lord overshadow me in times of discipline and trial. I know that the end result will be fullness in God.

There are times when my life has seemingly come to a situation of ruin, but God will restore me to the place of abundance again. I will return to the place of my inheritance, and my life will be rebuilt again. In God’s promise to rebuild Jerusalem, and the towns of Judah, I have discovered his plan to equally restore me to himself, so that I may enjoy his presence.

The times of trial and discipline are often full of streams and rivers of tears. I will still wait for God’s salvation. He will dry the tears from my eyes, and his joy will once more fill my life.

God’s help comes from unexpected sources. Let us sit back, and take each day as it comes, in full assurance of restoration. He is not limited as to whom he would use to fulfill his plans of restoring our lives. He has spoken once, the time of rebuilding will come, and the new foundations of my spiritual life will be rebuilt. Amen!

 Chris Mukwavi