Be a part of our welcome crew!

service crew.png

We've been talking a lot these days about how we can be more welcoming on Sunday mornings, so here's a chance to translate your good thoughts into concrete action.

Our service crews are dwindling to two or three people per team, which is not enough to sustain the kind of welcome atmosphere and extras (like coffee and pastries) that we are hoping to continue doing together and for our newcomers while we are at the Hollywood. 

If you feel called to be a door-person in God's house, or even if you don't, but you want to see us grow as a church brimming with hospitality and welcome, please consider sparing a few hours once a month serving the church in this way, and email Sarah Kift to sign up:

Even if you feel shy or uncertain as to what's required, never fear: we have a friendly, dedicated crew of leaders who will help you along the way, and in the process, build some lasting relationships.