May 31 Taste & See: Nepal

taste & see nepal.png

This month, we are spending time talking, eating and praying about Nepal.

Every month we choose a country out of a pool of countries submitted by those who attended the previous Taste and See. People who have previously attended volunteer for the different aspects of the night and work together to make the 3 parts of the night come together:

Taste - a culturally appropriate meal is prepared usually with multiple courses and delicious ethnic dishes. $5 per person is requested to cover the costs for those who bought and prepared the meal. 
See - a presentation of what the country is like, sometimes focussing on specific aspects or general aspects of the country.
Pray - we spend time praying for what we have heard and what other issues researched by those organizing this section. 

Taste and See has experienced first-hand reports of people who are from countries around the world as well as those who have just visited them. The food has often been a highlight and the prayer has been deeply moving and powerful. It has often seemed God has been choosing the countries as major crisis or events have occurred at the same time as that country has been featured. 

Overall we're trying to build a community of like-minded people who are passionate about staying connected with nations and cultures as well, while also raising awareness about these countries and people.

For more information and to get involved, please contact Steven H.