From Greek Days to Khats Fest...

greek days.png

We had a marvellous time at Greek Days this past Sunday, seeing over 100,000 people on our doorstep. 100,000 seems like a lot, but we actually managed to connect and have meaningful conversations with a smaller but significant number of people.

From the active and brave prayer teams blessing and encouraging people to the much-appreciated volunteers greeting and staffing the Mom & Baby Refuge and Baby Change areas, (not to mention a fun and successful movie matinee), the day was blessed and fruitful!

We had a great time and a successful partnership with Vancity and Kits House, whose wonderful volunteers spent time in our upstairs "volunteer lounge" to take refuge from the crowds and hang out with our folk. Overall, the sense was that Church at the Hollywood is an integral and useful part of our neighbourhood, as we made friends and had fun.

We have the opportunity to take what we learned from Greek Days and apply it to another of Vancouver's biggest street festivals on Saturday, July 13.  

khats fest.jpg

We've graciously been given a chunk of the street near 4th and Vine, and are in the midst of planning the "Oasis" - a place where people can come and rest, listen to some music, receive prayer, get refreshed in both body and spirit, play a little, and have a chill place to take a break from the crowds. 

If you'd like to be involved in this day in any way - from setting up to saying hello, and everything in between, please contact Sarah Kift via email: to sign up today! 

Our very own Victoria Carbol won a spot to play a full set at the festival this year, so catch her amazing voice on the main stage.

Check out this video from last year's fest to get a sense of what will be all around us.