Stories of Transformation: Ross Kelly Film

Some of you may remember that during our season of testimonies in the spring, we heard an incredible story of faith and transformation from church member, Ross Kelly. He spent some time in the Sudan, and met Jesus there in some deep and profound ways. 

He's now making a film about his time there:

nimule film.jpg

"In August 2005 I traveled to Nimule, South Sudan to document the construction of a home for orphans. South Sudan had just emerged from two decades of war with the northern government. As many as two million people had perished due to the conflict. Some were killed by bullets; others died due to the famine and disease that the war wrought. The town of Nimule was an open wound in the war’s aftermath. A group of American and Sudanese Christians gathered in Nimule, hoping to aid the town in the long process of recovery. They came to build a home for the most vulnerable part of the postwar society – the orphaned, abandoned, and abused children of South Sudan, who had never known a time of peace.

The documentary will focus on four individuals whose lives intersected in Nimule and were forever altered by the events that transpired in late 2005 and early 2006."

If you'd like to support Ross in telling this incredible story, please check out his kickstarter campaign:

You can watch an extended preview here: 

To contact Ross directly, email him at: