Red Frogs - Missional Opportunity at UBC

The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) and BC Campus Ministries (BCCM) have recently formalized a working partnership with an organization called Red Frogs.

Red Frogs act as a service group to the university, offering the benefit of being in the midst of party culture, serving in any way needed, giving away water, donuts, freezies, and the ever addictive Red Frog candies.  Red Frogs provides support, harm reduction, and a positive peer presence in the midst of student celebrations. Their reputation is growing, and student unions around the world are seeing that they truly are giving and serving with no strings attached. Yet, Red Frogs ultimate purpose is to build relationships with students and bring people to Jesus. "Serve to Win" is one of their motto's.

The UBC AMS has recently asked Red Frogs to come and help with the big kickoff party at UBC on  Friday Sept 6th!

Church at the Hollywood is partnering with University Christian Ministry (UCM) to put together a team of volunteers to organize and run the Red Frog event.

If would like to volunteer to be a part of this amazing opportunity, please email me at

Tyson Beesley, assistant pastor



Check out this video to learn more: