Join the Sunday Crew!

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Every Sunday we gather together to worship and fellowship as a community, and all the behind-the-scenes stuff is done by a dedicated group of volunteers.

 If you'd like to join the team, we've got room for more folk in the following areas:

Service Crew

Make the building ready, serve coffee and tea, greet newcomers, facilitate communion, offering and other in-service events, and assist people with various needs and information. 

A great way to meet new people, practice hospitality and get involved in church life as part of a consistent team. 

Committment level: Once a month; minimal training required; 9am-1pm Sundays

Email Sarah Kift:


Prepare and project the worship songs, record the sermon, coordinate and project slideshows and other media for pastors and staff.  

Commitment level: Once a month; training required; 9am-12pm Sundays

Email Ian Lin:


Practice and play instruments or sing vocals as part of a band.

Commitment level: Once every three Sundays plus practice times (varys within in each band), musicianship and singing ability required.  

Email Tyson Beesley: tyson@


Manage a complex sound board and speaker system; dynamic adjustments as required by various bands; movement of sound equipment and stage set-up as required. 

Commitment level: once a month; significant training required.  

Email Ian McLeod:


Prayer Team

Come prepared to pray for people after the service; pre-service prayer at 9:30am.

Commitment level: Once every three weeks; personal interview and confirmation by leadership team required.  

Email Tony Vick:

Kids & Youth Ministry

Every Sunday we have three different classes running for kids age 3-13 in various locations. 

Commitment level: Varied times and rotations; criminal record check required; personal interview required. 

Email Lisl Baker: