September is Welcome Month!

welcome slide.png

Every Sunday for the month of September, we'll be serving coffee and pastries after the service, so that we can take some time to chat with folk who are just joining us on a Sunday, and make them feel at home.

We also know it's important to spend some time before the worship starts to create a welcoming atmosphere, so if you have a heart for welcome and want to represent our church, please feel free to come early and spend some time in the lobby/sanctuary, extending a hand, learning someone's name, praying a blessing over them. 

Over the course of this last year at the Hollywood, we have seen many new faces, most of whom have been away from church for a long time, or have never been to church - and we feel honoured by their presence, and glad that God has brought so many new folk into our midst. Stay tuned for more, and if you are reading this and feeling stirred to get involved in the gatekeeping - ie the way we welcome people into our space, our church life and our extended family of Christ, please get in touch with Sarah Kift ( as she is putting together a team of people whose whole purpose to to stand at the gate and extend a hand of friendship and welcome in Jesus' name, which goes hand in hand with how we as a church make every day decisions like when to serve coffee & pastries, what to put in our welcome packs, lunches, prayer, online presence and non-Sunday community events and how we act as neighbours in this corner of the city. 

This Sunday and the 15th, we are especially aware of new faces - from students coming back into the city and starting classes, to new families in the neighbourhood and folks who've been away for awhile, so please join us in making them feel at home at the Hollywood this month through simple actions like greeting, sharing a story or a prayer, invitations to lunch or coffee during the week, and being present and prepared on Sunday mornings to say hello!