Take Them a Meal: Wasik & Van Drunen families

take them a meal wasik jono.png

Our church family are popping out babies at a rapid rate, and the first of the babies has arrived, with many more to come.  Such wonderful and exciting news.  This means that our role and responsibility to care and nurture these families is also increasing. To take a meal, please log onto the website:


and look these families up by surname, and sign up to bless these families with a meal.

1. Carmella and Johnny Van Drunen

(urgent as baby Asher has already been welcomed into the world)

Password is baby.

2. Jeanine and Adam Wasik

Password is wasik.

Thank you so much for all your help to these families.  Having been a beneficiary of the "gift of meals", I know that these families will not be able to express in words their deep felt thanks for your help.

- Melissa H

Contact Melissa Horman for more information: lissahorman@gmail.com