Teacher & Parent Workshop

Hey there parents and youth and kids' volunteers!

We are hosting our first ongoing training session to help support and equip you in teaching and nurturing children. Some of you may already be close to experts by now and some of you are new to the world of children's education. This workshop is designed for ALL OF YOU! 

Come to Redemption Church from 7:30-9:00pm on either Monday, October 20 or Tuesday, October 21 for a session with Aloha Johnson.  


Workshop Overview:

Want to help with the children, but they seem like a bit of a mystery to you? Already signed up to help and you get butterflies every time your turn comes around? Have children of your own and find yourself trying to figure them out? Come and join us in our workshop. In a relaxed evening of laughter and discovery, we will look for the answers to the following questions:

-What is the Biblical view of the child?

-How important is preparation?

-What is “classroom management”? Can I actually have it?

-Who is in control? Can it be me?

-What are learning styles/MI’s? How will they help in my understanding of the child?

-What are “SGR’s”?

-Where do I begin?


Aloha's Bio:

A longtime member of this congregation, Aloha Johnson has a passion for teaching children and equipping adults to do likewise. She enjoyed being a teacher and administrator in the Christian school setting for 20+ years. In her teaching, she utilizes a variety of approaches from traditional, multiage, multi-sensory, learning styles and multiple intelligences, all from a Biblical perspective. She also has a deep interest in the arts and served as the worship coordinator for Point Grey for a number of years, as well numerous other worship and Fine Arts projects. She continues to serve at Redemption Church in a variety of capacities, including the Family Advisory Committee and worship.

Aloha (and Reid) have four children, and so many of these “theories” have been tried and tested in the field. 


We are very much looking forward to an evening of equipping!

Please RSVP so we can appropriately set-up our space. Thank you! Send RSVPs to Lisl at lisl@pgcc.org or 604-723-7400.