Extended Prayer Ministry: Nov 29

Extended Prayer is taking place on Saturday, November 29 at Redemption Church. 

The Extended Prayer Ministry consists of teams who pray alongside you, seeking God's freedom and healing with you. In the prayer sessions, we ask God to speak with you and lead you into news depths of love and knowledge in Him. 

Here's how previous participants describe their ministry time:

"I experienced a filling up from the Holy Spirit that was indescribable. I felt and believe that this is a breakthrough and I am forever changed. I look forward to the future now."

"The experience was very empowering. I experienced intense release and true repentance and healing. Doubts and fears were exposed as the lies from the enemy. God's promises and true love for me were revealed powerfully. His presence was known and intensely felt. I feel blessed in ways I can't even begin to describe. It was the closest, most powerful connection I've ever experienced. I am so very grateful."

An application needs to be submitted before November 29. If you'd like one, please contact Tony (tonyvick@shaw.ca) or the church office (megan@pgcc.org). 

If you have questions or would like more information about the Extended Prayer Ministry, feel free to contact Tony at 604-733-3016 or tonyvick@shaw.ca