Lent 2014: Create. Participate. Encounter...Artists Needed!

lent 2014 red.png

We're doing something a little different this Lent and Easter season, and would love to have your artistic involvement and participation.

We've set up a special area on one side of the church near the blackboards, and want to fill it with art - either art in the making, art in motion, stationary art, or whatever else you may be inspired to do based on our weekly themes.

The overall idea is to enter into the story of Jesus' journey to the cross each week as a whole community, and we're hoping to have artists in motion and creating during the Sunday service in our Lent space, or if that's too much pressure, bringing a piece to install that will invite the congregation to participate and meditate, and engage with Christ in a new way. 

Just think of it like an extended Stations of the Cross for the entire season of Lent as we journey together towards Easter - we may also set up a station every week and incorporate it into our collective worship time. 

If you have any ideas, big or small, or want to sign up for one of the weekly themes below, please let us know and we can get creating and creative! Also, if you know of any artistic folk or friends who would love to participate, spread the word!

Contact: Sarah Kift - sarah@pgcc.org

Our weekly themes: 

March 9: First Sunday - New creation/Garden of Gethsemane

March 16: 2nd Sunday - Jesus Betrayed

March 23: 3rd Sunday - Trial

March 30: 4th Sunday - Denied by Peter

April 6: 5th Sunday - Scourged and Crowned

April 13: Palm/Passion Sunday - Judged/Palm Sunday

April 18: Good Friday - Cross and sacrifice

April 19: Holy Saturday/Vigil - Vigil/Waiting for the Lord

April 20: Easter Sunday - Resurrection