Living Room Session #2: February 23rd

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The Living Room Sessions provide opportunities to dig deep into topics of faith.

We gather monthly to connect, eat, and discuss a particular topic of Christian faith and practice. 

Join us for these informal and informative evenings - everyone is welcome! 

FEBRUARY SESSION: Creation….Faith and Science…are they ‘natural' enemies?

Can science and theology/Bible be harmonious?

In a word…YES!

We are going to focus on and unpack all of the Theistic views of Creation and look at their ‘pros’ and ‘cons’.

We will attempt to make sense of, among other topics:  Dinosaurs, The Big Bang, and Evolution… both classical Darwinian and Theistic Evolution frameworks.

This should make for a very ‘lively, but respectful’ discussion.

Bring your questions (and your friends)."

Blessings, Timothy Clayton


FEBRUARY 23 FROM 6:30pm - 9:30pm 

3512 W 7th

A simple dinner (like pizza or sushi) will be provided.


About Tim:

Tim Clayton holds a Bachelor of Arts and Education, a Masters of Theology, and is planning to begin his PhD later this year in Philosophy and Theology.

In the last few years, Tim has been deeply involved with several Apologetics groups including: Stand to Reason, Reasonable Faith, and most especially Reasons to Believe.