Volunteer this Summer!

sunday crew.png

Want to get involved on a crew or team with the church? Sticking around town this summer and looking for some meaningful volunteer work?

We've got lots of spots open this summer and would love to have you!

Check out the various areas below - and join our volunteer community! And if you'd like to help out in any other ways, from special events to projects to a particular skill or talent you'd like to contribute, please don't be shy. Talk to one of our staff on Sunday or send us an email: info@pgcc.org



Make the building ready, set up chairs, greet newcomers, facilitate communion, offering and other in-service events, and assist people with various needs and information. 

A great way to meet new people, practice hospitality and get involved in church life as part of a consistent team. 

Committment level: Once a month; minimal training required; 8am-1pm Sundays until we have more people! 

Email Sarah Kift: sarah@pgcc.org



We're always looking for new creations and ways to document our church life - so if you're creatively minded and would like to add your art or photos to our ever-changing collections, we'd love to have you. From blackboards to web space, there's room for your particular lens. 

Email Sarah Kift: sarah@pgcc.org



Set-up, serve and clean up coffee and tea and all the fixings for both services; you will have so many grateful people thanking you that it will make you feel totally awesome! 

Committment level; Once a month; minimal training required. 

Email Tracy Moar: tracymoar@gmail.com



Prepare and project the worship songs, record the sermon, coordinate and project slideshows and other media for pastors and staff.  

Commitment level: Once a month; training required; 8am-12pm Sundays

Email Ian Lin: ilin09@hotmail.com



Practice and play instruments or sing vocals as part of a band.

Commitment level: Once every three Sundays plus practice times (varys within in each band), musicianship and singing ability required.  

Email Tyson Beesley: tyson@ pgcc.org


Manage a complex sound board and speaker system; dynamic adjustments as required by various bands; movement of sound equipment and stage set-up as required. 

Commitment level: once a month; significant training required.  

Email Ian McLeod: creedence85@gmail.com



Come prepared to pray for people after the service; pre-service prayer at 8:30am or 10:30am.

Commitment level: Once every three weeks; personal interview and confirmation by leadership team required.  

Email Tony Vick: tonyvick@shaw.ca



Every Sunday we have three different classes running for kids age 3-13 in various locations. 

Commitment level: Varied times and rotations; criminal record check required; personal interview required. 

Email Lisl Baker: lisl@pgcc.org