Tierra Nueva: New Certificate in Ministry on the Margins

We are so blessed to have a long-standing relationship with Bob & Gracie Ekblad, who were recently up here for a ministry weekend with our church. (Click here to hear their weekend talks and here to learn more about Bob & Gracie). 

In October 2014, The People’s Seminary will pilot its first cohort Certificate in Transformational Ministry at the Margins. 

This 18-month course of study is designed for Christian pastoral workers called to pioneer holistic ministry among the poor and marginalized.

The foundation of the certificate is Tierra Nueva’s more than 30 years of ministry and reflection. Its objective is to train ministry leaders, missionaries, theology students, and pastors in transformational ministry that includes Word, Spirit, and Street categories.  The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology is considering co-sponsoring this non-accredited certificate.

Four 4-day courses will be offered over 18 months and will be limited to 35 participants who will journey together from start to finish as a learning community.  Classes will take place between Wednesday evening and Saturday evening in sixteen 1½-hour sessions. Courses will be followed by distance-learning activities and practical hands-on assignments.  Each on-site course will include daily worship and personal ministry, lectures, discussion, and group meals.

Tierra Nueva will host the course at its ministry center building in Burlington, Washington, an hour north of Seattle.  New Earth Refuge in Mount Vernon will provide lodging for up to 20 participants during the on-site sessions.   A separate cohort based in the United Kingdom will begin at All Saints Woodford Wells Church in London in January 2015. Partnerships for cohorts in Paris, Seoul and Bangkok are also being pursued.

Further information and the application from can be found on their website here: