Sound Equipment for Sale

The Church Yard Sale on Saturday, August 16 will include some sound equipment and instruments. Before the general public sweeps it up, we wanted you to have the first opportunity to purchase some of the items!

For more information or to check out photos of the equipment that's for sale, check out our Craigslist ad here.

If there's anything that interests you, please contact Tyson Beesley: and he will help you out!

BBE 882 Sonic Maximizer signal processor. $20

2x large road cases on wheels. $100 each.

Audio Technica BP892c-TH headset mic with Audio-Technica cable jack. $200

Various mics, Shure SM58, Audix, EV. $20 each.

Digidesign Digi002. $50
Not working, for parts or repair. Powers on, display, modes, and faders work, but doesn’t appear as an audio device or connect to Pro Tools. Power harness replaced on recall so that should be okay.

Alesis a-dat AI3 analog-optical interface. $100

Violin in case. $100

Assortment of acoustic instruments.