Welcome, Baby Grayson!

Hello, Baby Beesley!

Tyson and Kari welcomed their beautiful son Grayson David Donald Beesley on Thursday, December 3 at 8:35am. Grayson weighed in at 7 pounds 4 ounces. All three Beesleys are doing well and enjoying these first days together. 

Delivering a meal is one way to help Tyson and Kari maximize these early moments with their little guy and adjust to life with a newborn. Please sign up for the day you're able to provide a meal and also what you'll bring. 

A couple tips:

  1. Please drop off the meal around 5pm. If you need to drop it off at another time, text/call Tyson at 604-807-5899.
  2. When you arrive at their apartment building, buzz #204.
  3. Drop and run. Stay long enough to show you care but also be mindful that they need lots of time to rest and be together.
  4. There are no food allergies to note, but please go light on dairy products. 
  5. If possible, use a container that you don't need back. 

Thank you for supporting this lovely family with tasty meals!