We need your...glass jars and lids!

Jars for DOORS!

Holly Johnson will be going to Kampala, Uganda this summer to work with the non-profit organization DOORS Ministries. DOORS was founded in 2012 to serve and support the marginalized people of Kampala and surrounding communities. Holly will be working with school children and teenagers who have lived or are still living within the slums of Ggaba and Namuwongo. She will be teaching art, assisting in the classrooms at the DOORS Primary School, and leading kids' Bible studies and after school tutoring for children with learning difficulties. 

Please bring glass jars with lids to the church by Sunday, April 12.  Holly is organizing a coin drive to help raise money to buy art supplies for the school in Kampala. Empty and clean jars that would be ideal include: salsa, baby food, pickles, condiments, or mason jars.  

Help us get this coin drive going by bringing in jars and placing them in the labelled box in the lobby from April 5 - 12. 

On Sunday, April 12, you can take a jar from the box in the lobby. Check your pants pockets and couch cushions and fill up your jar! Please return your jar to Holly Johnson or the main office on or before Sunday, May 3.

On Saturday, May 2, Holly is organizing an art/crafts/bake sale at Redemption Church from 10am-2pm. Come out and buy hand-crafted pieces (great gift ideas!) like crafts, prints, drawings and paintings. DOORS Ministries has also assembled an Usborne Book wish list, some of which you will be able to purchase and donate if you'd like to contribute in that way. All proceeds from this event will benefit Holly's trip to Kampala.

If you'd like to donate art or baked items, contact  Holly at hollyejohnson1991@gmail.com and check out DOORS Ministries