An Update from Holly in Uganda

Holly Johnson has ventured to Kampala, Uganda this summer to work with the non-profit organization DOORS Ministries. DOORS was founded in 2012 to serve and support the marginalized people of Kampala and surrounding communities. Holly has been working with school children and teenagers who have lived or are still living within the slums of Ggaba and Namuwongo. She's been teaching art, assisting in the classrooms at the DOORS Primary School, and leading kids Bible studies and after school tutoring for children with learning difficulties. 

Please keep praying for Holly, Redemption family! Here's an update from her:

The last month (and a bit) cannot be summed up as anything less than eventful. I have experienced every emotion during my time here. The first was sadness and loss. Only the second day after my arrival, one of the students from one of the schools I was teaching at was hit by a speeding car while trying to cross the street to go home and was killed. His name was Batista - he was five years old.

The process of grieving and witnessing others grieve was my introduction to culture here. Since then I have come to meet many students who are HIV+, live in abject poverty, and have been a friend to girls living on the street because of their parents' deaths.

But I have also seen God's love through it all, and have grown in a capacity to love that I never thought would be possible. I have been a part of powerful evenings of worship and felt the Holy Spirit in such a tangible way as little children who once had no hope of living now know Jesus in a real way and praise Him with everything that's inside of them.

I have seen the Father's heart for these kids as boys who were once told they were stupid can now read by themselves, all with a little encouragement to give them the confidence and freedom to make mistakes and see triumph through it all.

Please pray for the DOOR's Girls Home which has begun while I've been here- taking girls off the street and giving them a home. And also pray for my transition out of DOORS to go smoothly and for continued growth in wisdom for this ministry in Uganda.