"Holding Room"

Oh God of love, of might
I awoke this morning in a state of delight
Your words were on my lips, your goodness filled my heart
But from that place I was doomed to depart
I let myself stray into anxiety and fear
I let myself forget that you are always near
And yet, tonight, you forgive even this
My countless doubts and my self-proclaimed bliss
You picked up my worries, my imperfections too
And held them up to me, so I could see what’s true
In the palm of your hand they all looked so small
For you to overcome them was nothing at all. 


Ksenia Pinski


Ksenia has been at Redemption since late 2014, and has loved every minute of being a part of this amazing community. She is a second-year Computer Science student at UBC, and in her spare time she loves reading Jane Austen and playing board games with friends.