Welcome, Baby Ethan!

Kudzai and Vivien Marira are members of our Main Street Oikos. 

They welcomed their baby boy Ethan Shokorashe Marira into the world on Monday, December 27 at 9:55am. The family is doing well and adjusting to life with a baby.

One practical way we can support them is by delivering a meal (Sign up here!). These meals truly are a gift, both in their deliciousness and in the time saved from not having to make them. 

A couple of tips:

1. Please drop off the meal around 5pm. If you need to drop it off at another time, text/call Kudzai at (604-614-0908).
2. Enter in the front gate, then go around back to the first basement door on the right side of the house.
3. Stay long enough to show you care but also be mindful that they need time to rest.
4. There are no food allergies, but they would prefer no spicy or tomato saucy meals.
5. If possible, use a container that you don't need back.

Thank you for blessing the Marira family in this way!