Our lives stepped from the path of dreams

our roots pulled through the layers of gain

your words taken with no clue of the pain

we released the grasp of economic esteem.

And the veil split to a splendor green.

In a season we looked back to main

our hearts longed for more to obtain.

The pearl it seemed had lost its sheen.


Yet staying on the path was the key   

as it curved its way towards intimacy.                           

How else do we discover reality?

If it were to breakthrough wouldn't we see

that to know Him is better than familiarity

as the path opens to all we are meant to be.

Deborah A. M. Phillips

Deborah A. M. Phillips enjoys being an Elder at Redemption. She is the author of the novel Argonauta. Her poetry, and essays have been published in English and French. Deborah previously taught at Institute Biblique du Québec, and worked as Director of Women's Ministries as well as church planting in the province of Québec.