In Memory of Kurt Grimm

Kurt Grimm - Born January 22, 1960. Died February 9, 2016


Kurt Grimm died of a heart attack this past week in Mexico.

He leaves his sons Ollie and Eli (ages 13 and 11), and a worldwide network of friends.

I first met Kurt at UBC playing basketball one day.  Kurt always had a bold style, on and off the court!   I remember after the game, Kurt fixed his eye on me and asked me point blank, “You love Jesus don't you?”   Yes indeed.  Kurt was unafraid and loved to bluntly ask people what they thought about God. 

Not long after meeting Kurt he moved into our neighbourhood.  He and the boys attended Redemption Church when it was Point Grey Community Church.  He also was connected to UTown Church.   A professor at UBC in Earth Oceans and Systems, Kurt had a very wide range of interests, including basketball, tennis, kayaking, scuba diving, first responder first aid, swimming, etc.  Kurt also served at Pioneer Pacific Camp.

Kurt was spontaneous.  Kurt liked to swoop by our place and pick up our daughter Lily to join his boys at the pool.  Or in the rare case of snow, he and his boys would begin pelting our house with snowballs, egging on a snowball fight.

Kurt was also creatively generous.  He would discover bookshelves or a globe was being tossed at UBC, load them in his car, and think, “I bet the Colbys would love this enormous globe,” and bring his bounty to us.  More than once I remember telling Kurt, “no more stuff!”  But all of it was brilliant, and our best bookshelves to this day are from Kurt.

Kurt liked to surprise you.  Kurt and the boys housesat for us while we were on a missions trip, and we returned to find that Kurt had built a tree house in our hazelnut tree in front of our house.   Ladders and rope swings and places to sit, it has become a neighbourhood favourite, especially for the under 6 crowd (and the occasional returning university student). 

We Colbys will miss Kurt deeply, especially me.  I always appreciated our times over coffee talking about the parenting challenges of all our amazing kids, sharing about our stories of coming to Christ, and praying for each other.

Most of all, I miss Kurt’s passion for Jesus and his uncompromising boldness in sharing his faith with others. 

The world could use some more bold evangelists like Kurt.  I am grateful to God for his life, and glad Kurt has now made his voyage to God’s golden shore.  

by Steve Colby