Oh Judas
I have loved you,
And told you what is True
    Oh Judas
I showed you Life and the Way
You saw me weep, you heard me pray
    Oh Judas
You heard my voice,
And yet you took this choice
    Oh Judas
I revealed to you what could be,
And yet you rejected me
    Oh Judas
The prophecy would be fulfilled,
The purpose my Father willed
    Oh Judas
I gave you much, but you threw it away
For silver, the Son of Man you would betray
    Oh Judas
Do you even realize,
What you gave up for so small a prize?
    Oh Judas
Do you even know
What you just let go?
    Oh Judas
When you let him in,
That Serpent, that Sin
    Oh Judas
In your heart there was a collision,
And you made your decision
    Oh Judas
There is no one to blame,
For you chose to reject my Name
    Oh Judas
You hardened your heart,
And chose to play that part
    Oh Judas
I will also play mine
In the Father’s grand design
    But Judas
My heart mourns for you, child
And for all those who have been defiled
And as I look toward the cross,
I will still mourn your loss

Laura Bulk

Laura is a proud Dutch-woman from Saanichton, BC. She has been part of the family for as long as she remembers, and has been part of the Redemption Church community since 2012. She is also passionate about advocating for human dignity and occupational justice, and is doing her PhD in the area of blindness in the hopes of advocating for change. She loves to make food for people, play games, walk (fast) with a friend, dance and laugh – if you like any of those things, give her a ring!