Euthanasia update: troubling parliamentary committee report released

In our previous blog post, we provided links to some very helpful resources prepared by our family of churches in helping us think well about death, dying, and Canada’s move towards euthanasia, and how we can show love and compassion to those at the end of life and those living with disabilities.

Since then, the Special Joint Parliamentary Committee on Physician-Assited Dying has issued its report, which contains a number of troubling recommendations for the federal legislation on this issue coming in the next 2-3 months, including recommendations that "physician assisted death" (i.e. assisted suicide/voluntary euthanasia) be made available to people with non-terminal conditions including mental health conditions, that mature minors should become eligible three years from now, and that doctors be forced to refer for assisted death regardless of any conscience objections.

The Church for Vancouver website has compiled some thoughtful Christian commentary on the Parliamentary report, including a good 5-minute video from EFC’s Julia Beazley which is a good primer on the Parliamentary recommendations and why Christians should be concerned about them.

If you would like to engage with your MP on this issue, see the links in our previous blog post, or contact Redemption’s own Geoffrey Trotter.