Mexico Housebuilding Report

Hey church, friends, and family!  

Come and join us this Sunday for a live update - complete with stories and more pictures.   You can check out the pictures below to get a taste for what we'll share on Sunday.  

You can read our team update below this slideshow. 

Thanks again for your love and interest and support. 

Lisl and the Mexico Housebuilding team



Dear church, friends, and family,  

I am very grateful and excited to be back home and able to bring you some news from our trip.  First and foremost - I want to thank you all again for partnering with us - whether through your interest, questions, and conversations with us, with your finances, and in your prayers.  Our team was very aware that we couldn't have done this trip and shared this amazing experience without an entire village backing us.  Thanks for being that village! 

Our team did exceptionally well with the 36 hours of travel time it took to get from Vancouver, BC to Vicente Guerrero, Baja California del Norte, Mexico.  The drivers were exhausted, but never once complained.  The kids got along really well in our tight quarters.  I was really quite impressed with the whole team :)

From Monday to Thursday we worked relatively full days on our project site - building a house for our Mexican family.  Juan and Carmelita and their daughters Luz and Alma were so very hospitable to us - and worked alongside us in every step of the housebuilding.  Their friends and 'hermanos y hermanas' (brothers and sisters) from their church family dropped by regularly and were quick to pick up a hammer and nails or paint and paintbrush to help in this family event.  Our kids and adults worked alongside their kids and their adults - and together we built this house.  And it was so evident to our team that this truly is a home that God will establish.  The deep sense of gratitude and praise from Juan and Carmelita - first to God and secondly to the generosity of our extended community was obvious.  And it was always in that order!  On Friday - our final day of work - we spent a couple of hours putting on the finishing touches, and then we were served a delicious home-cooked meal by this generous family who have only been eating 2 meals a day because of their current lack of employment.  

I will save some of our other stories for later - when the whole team is back home to share with you - but in sum, we are all so grateful to have seen and tasted God's love and kindness here on earth.   Our perspectives have been transformed when it comes to the question of poverty and what truly makes us rich.  

Thank you for your prayers!  I am grateful to report that we were healthy and safe on our drive down.  A couple of team members had various cold symptoms, but were still able to participate in every step of the project.   Team dynamics were even better than we could have expected - and everybody was willing to work and do what was necessary and best for the whole team.  

Please continue to pray for the team as some have returned to Vancouver already and some are still traveling home.  Pray that God would be close to each one and every single team member - child and adult would be attentive and responsive to whatever God is doing in their lives.  Please pray for the transition and culture-shock that we will experience at different times and in different ways.  Join us in continuing to pray for our dear Mexican family and their church community.  They still face daily struggles with health and finances, but continue to seek God's face in everything they do.  Pray for our Redemption Church community and surrounding neighbourhoods.  One of our goals from day 1 was to be able to return to this place and this community and ask deeper questions about what God is doing here and how he is inviting us to participate.  Pray that we would all be willing to listen and courageous to step out in response.  

We will share a live report with the church on Sunday, April 3, so come and join us to hear some stories and see some more pictures!  

Thank you all for your support in this.  We couldn't have done it without you!

Lisl (for the entire Mexico Housebuilding Team)