Pastoral Transition


Welcome Barry and Michelle!

We are happy to announce that after 2 years of transition Pastor Barry Wong has joined our team as senior pastor of Redemption Church.

Thank-you for you patience and support in these recent months, we know it can be hard to keep up. Here's a timeline to guide you through the different events and details regarding the pastoral transition. Make sure to come in on Sundays to meet Barry and Michelle!

June 11

Dear Church,

I am pleased to inform you that at yesterday’s Special General Meeting the members voted 91% in favour of appointing Barry Wong as our new lead pastor. Thank you to everyone who came out and participated in the rigorous discussion about our hiring process, and for your helpful clarifying questions to both Barry and the leadership. The board is now working out the final hiring details with the Wongs, including working out a start date. Please be in prayer for Barry and Michelle as they embark on this big change in their lives, and for us as a church as we prepare our hearts for this new season in the life of our church.

Thomas Sanz
On behalf of the PSC, board, and elders


May 27

We are thrilled to introduce you to Barry Wong, our senior pastor candidate! Barry and his wife Michelle are originally from California, where they both worked at Inter-varsity Fellowship for many years. They spent a season leading IVCF in Montreal, and then pastoring in the Seattle area. They are currently residing in Hawaii, where Barry is the lead chaplain at a hospice. They are parents to two daughters, Briana and Naomi, who are both studying in the United States.


Barry and his wife will join us for a Sunday service on June 10th. Barry will preach, followed by an all-church barbecue and a “town hall” where there will be chance to ask Barry questions. This will be followed by a vote of the members to appoint Barry as Senior Pastor of our church. This is the last step required for Barry to take on his role. Given a successful vote, Barry and Michelle will move to Vancouver this summer. Kim Boldt's employment at Redemption has been extended another six months. He will work with closely with Barry over that time, and we are thrilled that he is continuing to serve the church as one of our pastors.


Thank you for your patience in what has been a lengthy road of transition as a church. The Lord has been at work during this period, both in our church body as a whole, and in the journey of discernment that the committee has been on. We feel the Lord’s clear guidance in bringing Barry to us, and we can’t wait to see what God has in store for this coming chapter. We look forward to June 10th, when we talk about all this in person!


March 15

We have been in discussions with our final candidate over the last two months. He and his wife feel that God is leading them to Redemption. But some of the logistics have been complicated and has been taking time to work out. We are moving forward, and hope to have more information for you within a few weeks. Please be in prayer for our candidate and for our leadership team as they diligently work behind the scenes throughout this process.

January 18

Hi church! As Reid announced at church recently, we have extended an invitation to our final candidate to come be our next Senior Pastor, and he and his wife are considering. Please continue to be in prayer for them as they discern. This is in the Lord’s hands, and he has good plans for our church.

December 3

Hi church! We’ve given several updates on Sunday mornings but haven’t been doing the same in this space, sorry! The Committee has spent the last two months reviewing applications,  conducting interviews, and praying for what is in store for Redemption. We are currently in discussion with a final candidate. He and his wife are still discerning if this is the next step God has for them in their journey. Please lift them up in prayer as they process what would be a significant change in their lives. We’ll keep you updated!

September 21

We’ve found that our efforts in getting the word out there about the senior pastor position have been most effective as September and the Fall season has come around, and so we’ve extended the job application deadline to Sep 30th to give more time for applicants to apply. Please be in prayer with us, and if you know of someone who you think might be a good candidate (or someone connected to possible candidates) please let them know! 

August 20

The board and elders have appointed the Pastoral Search Committee for the second round. It consists of 5 returning PSC members, plus two additions, as follows: Thomas Sanz (chair), Rina Carbol, Jordan Eschpeter, Reid Johnson, Susie Colby, Monica Cousens, and Yola Lim.

The new committee has greater board and elder representation than during the first round, and has been empowered by the board and elders to take things all the way to a final recommendation of a single candidate to put before the membership at a Special General Meeting for a members' vote (a vote of 5/7 on the committee will be sufficient to send the final candidate through - this is similar to the supermajority required at the members' meeting to appoint the Senior Pastor). 

The new search committee is already at work disseminating the job posting (which closes September 15th), and will update the congregation on its progress with further updates on this page in the coming months.

Please remain in prayer for the committee, and all of the candidates.

August 16

The job posting for our Senior Pastor position has been reposted online! Please prayerfully consider if there is anyone you know to whom you could forward this opportunity. Join us in prayer as we pray that candidates would hear and be lead by God’s voice in their own discernment process. Applications will be accepted until September 15th. 

July 9

The Pastoral Search Committee has announced that David Collins will continue as Interim Senior Pastor until January 2018. We are extremely grateful for the members of the Pastoral Search Committee and their thorough and discerning work. You can listen to the full announcement below: 

June 8

After first round interviews in May, we are now considering three final candidates. Several members from the board, elders, and Pastoral Search Committee have formed a working group that is conducting the second round interviews and in prayer and discernment selecting the final candidate. Hang tight - if all goes well we will be able to let you know who this is in July!  

April 23

The committee has been busy this month reviewing applications - 30 in total, from across Canada and internationally! First-round interviews are now underway with about half a dozen candidates. Please be in prayer with us during this season, both for the committee as they discern and for candidates as they consider this calling. It's an exciting time, and we seek the Lord with joyful expectation as we journey forward. 

March 26

Spring is here and you are invited to sow some fresh seeds of prayer and fasting for the next 8 Wednesdays. You are also invited to join us for our Wednesday Evening Prayer sessions at the church from 7-9pm. We'll be gleaning through scriptures to discern God's intent for social engagement with our culture and yet remaining constantly alert to the transcendent and divine dimension of vision in our own lives. Our scripture focus starts with 2 Peter 1: 3-14.

There will be time for both individual and corporate prayer lifting up the candidates that were presented to the Pastor Search Committee this past week as well as praying over updates from our various groups engaged in the ongoing abundant life of Redemption.  

Check out our Guide to Fasting if you'd like to learn more about fasting!

March 9

The job posting for our new Senior Pastor has been up for a month and there has been strong interest in the position! The job posting will remain open until mid-March, and the committee is meeting March 25 to start the work of reviewing applications. We are excited to dive into this phase of the process and start meeting those who have felt called to apply!

February 1

We are excited to announce that the job posting for our Senior Pastor position is now online!

Please prayerfully consider if there is anyone that you know to whom you could forward this opportunity. We want to cast the net wide! The position will also be made known throughout the PAOC network in Canada and internationally. The posting closes on February 28, after which the committee will start reviewing applications. Join us in prayer this month as we prepare our hearts for this next phase of the search process, and pray that candidates would hear and be lead by God’s voice in their own discernment process.

All the relevant information about the position and how to apply is included in the link above. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email Thomas Sanz, Chairperson of the Pastoral Search Committee. 

December 8

The Pastoral Search Committee has spent the last few months compiling the data collected from our leaders and congregation, and listening to what God is speaking to us as we seek his will. We are almost done creating several important documents - the church profile, a community profile, and a pastor profile - which will help us in developing a job description and in screening candidates. We expect to put out the call for candidates early in the new year.

Wendy Dubois has stepped down from her position as Chairperson and Secretary of the committee to devote her energy to her battle with cancer. Thomas Sanz is our new chairperson and Poh Lim our new Secretary. We are ever so grateful to Wendy for her wise leadership and are praying for a miraculous healing!

October 30

A Pastoral Search Committee update was given at our Annual General Meeting and a handful of main points from the church-wide survey were conveyed. 117 people participated in the survey, about half male and half female. The most significant reasons people attend Redemption Church include teaching, community and worship (music). Participants indicated their longing for discipleship and mentoring, inter-generational connections as well as education about and practice of spiritual gifts. Our church is a committed group of people who desire to grow in our God-given abilities. Thanks again to everyone who took the survey!

September 26

The church-wide surveys were collected and are currently being processed. Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the survey!

September 11

The church-wide survey has been sent out! If you haven't received the link in your inbox, please email Sarah. If you have received the survey link, please fill it out by Monday, September 26th.

August 31

The committee has started moving ahead in our survey of the leadership and now it's your turn to have your voice heard regarding our next Lead Pastor. On Monday, September 12th you can expect a survey questionnaire in your inbox. Please fill it out by Monday, September 26th. If you are not already on our mailing list, please send your contact information to Sarah.

August 28

This Sunday was Tyson's last Sunday at Redemption. You can listen to his final sermon here. After the service, we had a potluck lunch to celebrate and send Tyson and his family.  

August 7

David Collins was officially introduced as the new interim lead pastor. David is the founder of Canadian Food for the Hungry International, the Global Hunger Foundation, and Paradigm Ministries. He's been a pastor, CEO, consultant and mentor. He and his wife have worked abroad to seek sustainable solutions in the midst of human cruelty and natural disasters. Author of two books, David continues to help people understand the power of ideas and how someone's motives correspond to Biblical integrity. We are thrilled to have him!

July 31

Tyson officially announced his resignation. You can read his letter here

July 26

The first meeting of the Pastoral Search Committee was held July 26th. They are currently working towards completing a church self-study and community profile. Here's a message from the committee: 

We want to hear from you so be expecting us to reach out to you in one way or another so that your voice is heard. These are very exciting times, please be holding the church in prayer for God's perfect will to be done. Thank You.

June 26

Reid Johnson gave an update on the Pastoral Search Committee. These are the 6 that were nominated by the members and appointed by the board and elders to represent the congregation: Thomas Sanz, Susie Colby, Dave Clark, Poh Suan Lim, Rina Carbol, and Jordan Eschpeter. Elder Wendy Dubois was appointed as the chair of the Pastoral Search Committee.

June 12

This Sunday was Tim's last sermon and last Sunday at the church. Listen to it here.

In the evening, we celebrated and sent the Hormans at the Horman Farewell Party. It was a sad but joyous event as people went up to share stories they've shared with the Horman family. Here are some photos of the event:

May 26

Members were notified by the church board and elders to nominate members from the congregation to be a part of a Pastoral Search Committee to participate in the search for a new Senior Pastor.

May 19

Tim sent out a letter through the church blog to recap his resignation announcement from the previous Sunday, May 15th. If you missed the service, and would like to know the details of his resignation, this letter provides the details.

May 15

Tim officially announced his resignation during the service.