Redemption's Attic Attack!

Hi Church! 

We will end our attic attack by giving away items we no longer need and putting the remainder of our stuff back in the attic on Saturday, August 13th from 9am-4pm. If you're able to help us by putting away the stuff, we'd also really appreciate it! If you are planning to drop by later in the day, it might be a good idea to call the office at 604-732-5577 in case we finish early. 

Drop by the church if you'd like to check out the items and take home some free stuff! Everything is free, although donations are appreciated. If you're looking to hunt for items that you'd like to keep, please come between 9am-1pm, as we will be tossing the rest after 1pm. 

 *Yes, that photo you see above is an actual photo of our attic.