Elder Recommendation: Monica Cousens

I love the Lord and I love this community. Scott and I have been here for about 23 years. We raised our sons in this church and I have been involved in many different areas of ministry throughout the years. Currently, I am involved as one of the leaders of the singing part of our worship services. When I was approached just before Christmas about whether I would consider "being an elder" here at Redemption, I had a few different reactions. First, it felt like a no-brainer for both Scott and me. I already feel like I am an "elder" at our church, because A) I am older than most of you and have been here so long, and B) I care so much about all of you.  You never leave my thoughts and prayers.
But then, after that first reaction, I was totally overwhelmed with the weight and responsibility of that position. I am already a person who feels responsibility keenly as an oldest sister of sisters - 'nuff said. Pastor David reminded me that they were asking me to "be" an elder, not "do" an elder. That was a key statement for me. That has been the journey the Holy Spirit has had me on for the last number of years. As a recovering performance-oriented, perfectionist, Type A personality, God has been teaching me how to "be" with Him, not do for Him which has always been much easier for me.
Lastly, the up-front nature of the role is a tad overwhelming for this introvert. "But you lead worship from the front," I can hear you say. Yes, but that has been a long journey in itself and a story for another time. All I can say is God is gracious and patient with me. I trust that He knows what He is doing. I just have to take His hand and hold on tight. Father God is inviting me to go on an adventure with Him and with all of you and with Scott's blessing and his invaluable support, I am saying, "Yes! I'm in!" I am excited about what the Lord has in store for all of us.