Bayview Christmas Hampers


This season we're helping families from Bayview Elementary School across the street by collecting items for Christmas hampers. If you are able to contribute a gift to these families, join us as we bless these families this Christmas season! 

For privacy reasons, we will not be posting the list of families online, but feel free to speak to Sarah or email her at for more details. The list below is a general list of the age groups and genders. 

  • Boys in Kindergarten, grade 2, 3, 9, and 11, and early 20's
  • A 3 year old girl
  • Parents (moms and a dad)
  • A small dog :)

If you'd like to contribute, please place items in the designated bins that are located to the right of the stage by Sunday, December 10

* Please note that the items need to be new as these hampers are given as gifts to the families.