Food for the Hungry: Ending Poverty Together Bootcamp


Hi friends! 

Throughout the gospels, Christ turns people's perspectives upside down when it comes to the established social pecking order of his day: He consistently ate with people he shouldn't have eaten with, touched people who were considered "untouchable" and responded to people's immediate, physical needs. His heart for the poor and the marginalized is evident throughout scripture. We are called to join him in seeing people on the margins, treating them with dignity and caring for the physical, as much as spiritual, needs of those around us. 

That said, best way to care isn't always straightforward. How to respond to things like the fentanyl crisis, refugee flows from very diverse places, natural disasters or plain, old, grinding, chronic poverty?  We want to wrestle through these challenges together to come to an understanding of how to help in a healthy way. To get a taste of what the day will be about, click here for a promo video and registration page

There is hope and there are ways to participate in Christ's work. Come and explore some of this topic in a thoughtful, open space. We'd love to see you there. 



  • Saturday, Dec 2nd from 8:30-3:30 (lunch provided) at the church.
  • Cost is $25 with lunch included but we can provide subsidies to ensure everyone who wants to participate is able to. 

You can invite your friends through our Facebook event at this link here!

If you have any questions, email the office at