Join Our Sunday Crew!

There are many ways of serving, worshiping and loving others in the church. We want to highlight and encourage you to participate in some practical ways of worship at the church. We have a few Sunday crews that would love to meet you and would greatly appreciate your help on a Sunday morning. They are the counting, service, and multimedia crews. This is not only a great way to participate in the body of Christ on a Sunday morning, but also a great way to get to know and build relationships with other likeminded folks in the community.

How do these fit into the big picture on a Sunday morning?


The Counters, as their title states, help count and deposit the offerings on Sunday mornings. They tend to serve quietly but they play a crucial role in the church as we trust them with our offerings. They bless us with their accuracy, honesty and their willingness to serve. 

Service Crew

The Service Crew is responsible for hosting people that come in through the door on a Sunday morning. They love on and welcome people into God’s place of worship (here!). These are the people that make this space beautiful and welcoming on a Sunday morning. If you would love to work together in a group, this would be a great place!


The Multimedia Techs are the people who help with the slides on Sunday mornings. They work closely with the worship team and the pastor (so if you love worship, but don’t play an instrument, this is your calling!) to ensure that the slides are accurate for the people on a Sunday morning. The slides help others follow along well and is really crucial for people who appreciate visual guides. 

We appreciate and love the people who serve in each these areas. They are all great people! If you’d like to help serve in any of these areas, or even if you’re curious and would just like to know a bit more about any of these areas, please contact Sarah at

P.S. Feel free to share with us any other ideas you have. We want to celebrate each of the unique gifts you bring to our community and if there are other ways that you would like to serve, we'd love to hear them!