Lisl's Farewell


There are times in a person’s life when someone cared, blessed and invested in them, and it became a foundational block in their future. At Redemption, we have been blessed to have many who have done exactly that. One of those people is Lisl Baker. Watching the response from our community to her is living proof of the love that is felt for her. Lisl is genuinely gifted in affirming people. She raises up leaders. She invests in them and releases them to thrive. Now it is our turn to return that gift to her. As she follows the prompting of Holy Spirit, we send Lisl on with our blessing of peace. We are sincerely grateful for her friendship and investment in our lives. Lisl, prayers from your Redemption Family are with you as you move on from here. We pray that the Holy Spirit will return to you in full measure all that you have given away here so freely.

Lisl’s last working day at Redemption is Sunday, July 30th. We will take up a love offering and spend the afternoon celebrating Lisl and enjoying lunch together (lunch will be provided). Lisl has a full load until then as she concludes her areas of responsibility. Therefore, she simply will not be able to individually meet with everyone she loves. However, on the Sunday, July 30th we will have an open mic so come prepared to bless her and share your well wishes. Everyone is most welcome.