Join Kits Cares!

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What is Kits Cares?

It is a program designed by a number of Kitsilano Churches to address hunger and social isolation in the Kitsilano Neighborhood.


A weekly meal jointly hosted by nearby churches at the Kitsilano Neighborhood house located at 2305 West 7th Ave.


Every Thursday evening, with doors open to the community from 5:30-7:30. Volunteer hours change according to role.

Next Volunteer Dates for RC: Jan 17, Jan 31, Feb 7, Feb 21, Mar 7, Mar 21

Why do this?

  • To meet an acute need for nutrition. Kitsilano and surrounding neighbourhoods are home to a surprising number of unsheltered and other highly vulnerable people (pensioners, widows, the disabled, mental health patients, etc.) who are struggling with poverty- related challenges.

    •  Regular access to a nutritionally-appropriate meal made with quality ingredients is essential for general health as well as other life outcomes.

  • To help satisfy a deeper hunger. Loneliness afflicts many Vancouverites, and hits low- income people and young adults hardest.

    • Community meals if they're carefully organized to foster mutually transforming relationships - are amazing environments for creating a sense of belonging for socially isolated neighbours.

    • Jesus has reminded us that "no one lives by bread alone." Shared meals can offer a genuine taste of the shalom Jesus invites us into.

  • To Find Joy in Working Together. Jointly offering a meal to our most vulnerable neighbours can help us experience the joy of recognizing Christ in each other.

How do I get involved?

  • Participate in 1+ meals per month (Email Maria to sign up as a volunteer)

    • Roles Include the following:

      • Food preparation

      • Dining Room Set-up

      • Kitchen Clean Up

      • Servers and Bussers

      • Dishwashing

      • Dining Hall Clean Up

      • Conversationalists!

        For more information about each role check out this link!

  • Additional support:

    • Prayer support

    • Seasonal celebrations

    • Talents and interests for special events/classes

    • Partnerships and donations

Email for any questions or more information!