Christmas Meal Volunteer Opportunities


There are a few Christmas meals happening around the Kitsilano neighbourhood this holiday season. If you’d like to donate your time, check out the dates and locations below and email Maria to sign up!

Kitsmas Dinners at the Kitsilano Neighbourhood House:

  • December 12th: 5 kitchen volunteers needed (3:30pm)

  • December 13th: 5 Kitchen volunteers needed (3:00pm)

Kitsmas Dinner at Steeves Manor (Senior Home):

  • December 19th: 5 kitchen volunteers (3pm) and 5 servers (5pm)

Kits CARES Meal:

  • December 21st: Follow this link to see different times and roles

Christmas Day Meal at St. Marks:

  • December 25th Redemption and Kits Cares will be partnering with Tenth at Kits Church to host their annual Christmas Day meal!

    • set up folks (helping construct the sanctuary space for the meal)…9-11am

    • table hosts (helping create a welcoming atmosphere) 10:45-1pm

    • food servers (helping dish up the plates) 10:45-1:15pm

    • food runners (helping replenish serving trays) 10:45-1:15pm

    • cooks (helping with food prep) 9-1pm

    • musicians (helping express joy) 10:45-1:15pm

    • cleaners (helping wrap everything up) 12:30-2pm

So if you want to give the gift of time this Christmas season there are quite a few opportunities. We have so many wonderful skills and gifts to share with our community!