Steven H: Elder Candidate Letter

The elders of Redemption Church have asked Steven H. to consider serving as an elder.  This process begins with the prayerful discernment of the elders (and the H.'s), but also includes the prayerful discernment of the church community.  Steven read the following letter introducing himself as a potential elder to the congregation on Sunday, May 13, 2018.  As a congregation you have one month to contact the elders regarding Steven's appointment: with words of affirmation and confirmation, or words of caution and deliberation. You can contact the elders (Reid Johnson, Monica Cousens, Steve Colby) at  

Please do continue to pray for our elders, and particularly Steven & Loralie and their family, for wisdom, discernment, protection and strength to serve God's people with grace, truth and love.  


Dear Redemption Church,

Loralie and I were asked if we would pray and consider if one of us would consider putting forward our name to join the elders. We have prayed and considered and feel God is calling me to put forward my name.

My first reaction was "yes" because of the need for more elders in the church (only 3!) and I want to serve this church which I love. Yet there is a seriousness about this that could not be decided upon quickly. I have also struggled with feelings of inadequacy and also the very real practical challenge of juggling family, work, and life. We've also started to consider taking a longer time away to work abroad while we have the flexibility to do so in my job and explore whispers of God calling us to live cross-culturally in another country. However, we decided in 2010 that we're going to live as if we're going to be here the rest of our lives until God calls us somewhere else and we are still choosing to do that.

This past month of April through the words, worship and sermons, God has been affirming and challenging us to step out, trust him, stop making excuses and depend on him.

On one hand I feel inadequate at times, but on paper I do look qualified and I am excited at this opportunity. We have been a part of this church since 2003 (Loralie) and 2006 when UTown Church was planted and except for a brief 9 month season in England at a bible college, we've been here ever since. It has been an absolute joy to host and lead the Main St home group or Oikos since 2010 (with one year off for a church-wide "Doing the stuff" of ministry training). We've been part of our former Pastor Tim's leadership training group and I served on his leadership team for a year or so until we joined churches again in 2012.

I think it's also important to note that I'm incredibly fortunate to be married to Loralie who is a spiritual strength in her own right. Someone once said we're like Priscilla and Aquila and I like that. I think we're equally yoked and complement each other well.

So it is with joy and a weightiness that I put forward my name as an elder of Redemption Church and seek your counsel and discernment in considering my joining.