BGMH Update & Upcoming Renovations to Collingwood Building

Dear Redemption Church community,

Here is a summary of a more lengthy report to the membership which was circulated by the board and elders earlier this week on the status of the sale of the Bernice Gerard Ministry House (BGMH) and the non-refundable deposit which the church has received.  We want to keep everyone in the loop!

As David announced in mid-January, subjects were removed on time. The non-refundable deposit was paid later that month.

About 40% of the deposit is pre-committed to discharging a covenant on the property prior to closing. Another 45% is being used now to pay off one of the church’s mortgages in order to save on interest payments and to free up cashflow for ministry.

The board and elders have allocated the remaining 15% of the deposit to significant repairs/refreshments at the Collingwood building. It has been our conviction throughout the lengthy process of looking for the right buyer for the BGMH that the sale proceeds be re-invested entirely in capital assets which will support the church’s ministry. We feel that it is important both for financial sustainability, and to ensure that we do not relax our collective discipleship around giving, that the sale proceeds not be used to fund monthly operations.

The decision to invest the balance into Collingwood is also based on the board and elders’ recognition that even though Collingwood may not be our long term home, we are not going anywhere for at least the next two years. The newly struck board committee which is charged with looking at the important questions of the facilities options for the church’s long term future (including consideration of options as diverse as staying at Collingwood and renovating in place, buying an existing building, or co-developing a new building) has issued a discussion paper which the elders have begun ‘discerning their way through’, but even if a decision on the general direction is reached in the next few months, development permits and construction will take a minimum of a year and a half.  Accordingly, some of the greatly needed significant repairs and refreshments to our Collingwood building should not be put off any longer.

The maintenance committee, with guest board representation, is already working with the staff and others to draw up a prioritized list of items and are moving forward with costing, considering opportunities for all of us to participate (including financially, through work parties, and through soliciting building material donations), and getting these projects underway in short order.  In fact, the first of these projects (dealing with the fence along Collingwood street) will likely be underway very soon.  

So keep your ears open and eyes peeled for ways that you can be part of us renewing our building to ensure that our ministries, both within and beyond our walls, go forward without impediment.  If you would like to give input into the upcoming renovation projects at Collingwood, feel free to speak with chair of the facilities committee, Ian McLeod, or board member Devon Carbol.

With appreciation for each of you, and on behalf of the board and elders,

Geoffrey Trotter; interim board chair


Year-End Giving

As 2016 draws to a close at Redemption, a quick update on our finances: for our fiscal year to date (August through November), our general fund offerings of $110,452 are short of budget by $29,215 (and $21,826 less than this time last year). As we look towards the new year and proceeding forward with the path we discussed at the AGM in October, we are hoping to end the year off in the black so that we can properly equip and resource for this next season. We recognize this is our shared responsibility and together we can do this!

2016 tax receipts will be issued for all donations received before midnight on December 31, 2016. Cheques can be dropped off and placed in the front door mail slot at the church building, or mailed with a postmark on/before December 31. Credit card / VISA Debit donations can be made online via our website at or via Text2Give by texting “Give 100” or any other amount to 604-256-6611 and follow the prompts. Gifts of securities should be initiated ASAP, and no later than December 22 to give sufficient time for instructions and settlement before December 31.   

If you would like to make regular monthly gifts automatically from your bank account, it is easy to set up, and you are faithfully committing to give regularly and consistently. Click this link to fill out a Pre-Authorized giving form and return it to us.

For more information on giving, visit our website at or email at any time!

Financial Update

Dear Church!

On behalf of the Board and Elders, I am pleased to report as we approach our fiscal year end (July 31), our regular general fund offerings are on track compared to budget ($380,000 through June) – for those that were around at the AGM last year, we praise God for continued faithfulness as we recognized the budget would be stretching.  We also thank those of you who have sacrificially supported the church.  Within view are also some extra ‘needs’ – our building could use some TLC, continued financing of the Gerard House (including increased operating costs such as property taxes), releasing of funds to empower ministries, pastoral transition, etc.  

As we look forward to the year end, how we cross the line will also set the tone for the year ahead.  Would you consider making an extra gift or increase in regular giving to help us finish off the year on as strong a footing as possible?  It would be such a privilege to be able to report back to the church that we’ve finished off the year ahead of budget so that we can start off the new fiscal year empowered – and do a little dreaming about how we as a church can live generously!

For information on how to give to the church, see or feel free to email – we can accept cheques/cash on Sundays/in person at the church; by credit card anytime online; by text message to 604-256-6611; by pre-authorized debit; or gifts of securities/planned giving. 

In Christ,

Bill Atkinson

Important Members' Meeting: September 21, 2014

Notice of Special General Meeting: Sunday, September 21, 2014 at 1:00pm

Plan to attend this important Special General Meeting at Point Grey Community Church (Redemption Church) located at 3512 West 7th Avenue, Vancouver, BC. We will be discussing and voting on three special resolutions:

  1. A special resolution to approve the sale of the Bernice Gerard Ministry House (BGMH) to the Pacific Centre for Discipleship Association (the owner/operator of the Menno Simons Centre). 
  2. A special resolution to approve the purchase of the Hollywood Theater, to close shortly after the BGMH sale (we need the BGMH sale proceeds to afford the Hollywood!). 
  3. A special resolution further increasing our borrowing limits to cover costs related to these transactions.

Please note that the meeting is open to all who regularly attend Redemption Church, but only members may vote on the above motions.  If Redemption Church is now your home church and you would like to apply for membership, please complete the members package and submit it to the office as soon as possible! (

A full members' package was distributed on Wednesday to all voting members. If you did not receive it, please contact the church office. 

Members: if you cannot attend the meeting, please give a proxy to another member you trust who can exercise your vote so that we meet quorum. Proxy forms are included in the members' package and available the morning of the meeting itself. 

For more information, please contact Tim ( or Geoffrey (


Important Member's Meeting: July 6th

Notice to our Members:

The Elders are calling an important meeting of the Members on July 6th, immediately following the service, to discuss issues related to our possible purchase of the Hollywood.  

Please mark this date in your calendars.  All are welcome to come and participate in the discussion, whether you are a member or not, but only members can vote on motions.  More details and documents to follow soon.

For more information, please contact:

Please note: the church office (and the account) will be closed from Wednesday, June 25th until July 2nd as a staffing transition takes place, so please address all inquiries to Tim or Geoffrey during that time. 

Student Trip to East Asia & Fundraiser BBQ June 8th!

A team of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship students from our church and around Vancouver are travelling to East Asia this summer.

They'll be sharing a bit of their story this coming Sunday, as well as hosting a fundraiser BBQ on June 8th after the service, so be sure to stick around for some good food and a good cause following the service on Sunday, June 8th. Feel free to bring snacks, mains, or desserts for all to enjoy. Join them for conversations, laughs, and community as they fundraise and get ready to go to East Asia.

"We will be going through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as a part of a cultural-lingual exchange program in which we will get the opportunity to be incarnational witnesses to the East Asian students we will be partnered with. As InterVarsity Christian Fellowship students at UBC, we lead bible studies and small groups at UBC and throughout the city during the school year with fellow classmates and friends.

We have felt God calling us to go abroad for five weeks this summer so that we can better learn how to love and overcome differences, learn about other cultures, and subsequently carry this knowledge with us and pour into our UBC Campus and city when we return. To embark on this exciting journey, we are inviting you to partner with us, and help us either financially or prayerfully. Each one of us needs to raise $5000.00 before we leave, and we would love it if you would consider partnering with us and supporting us!"

- the IVCF team


Send Laura to Israel!

Our Church supports the ministry of Intervarisity Christian Fellowship, and one of our members and the UBC Student Ministry President of IVCF is on her way to Israel.

Laura Cleveland.jpg

Meet Laura Cleveland:

"I am so thankful for all of you for all the prayer and hospitality that I’ve received in this community. I’ve been to a lot of churches, but since I came here in September I’ve always been welcomed warmly into worship, and I really appreciate that a lot!

At UBC I’m the Undergraduate Student Ministry President of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, an organization that the church fully supports.

This May, I’ve been given the opportunity to go to Israel with IVCF to do student ministry and reconciliation work with Messianic Jews and Palestinian and Arab Christians.

Will you be praying for me leading up to and going on this adventure? I’m doing my own personal fundraising, and I'll be doing a bake sale in April sometime. If you'd like to support me through prayer or finances, please don't hesitate to get in touch!"

You can read more about Intervarsity's Global and Urban Partnerships here and support Laura online:


Year-end donation guidelines

year end donation.png

If you are thinking of giving a year-end donation, please ensure that all cheques are dated and postmarked no later than December 31th, 2013.  Cheques can be dropped off in person until December 23rd or mailed anytime up to December 31st:

 3512 W 7th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R 1W3

For other payment methods and inquiries, please contact our treasurer, Bill Atkinson at: