Participate in a Mexico Missions Trip!


Dear Redemption Church, 

I would like to officially announce that Gord and Carol Taylor (Youth leader - Naomi’s parents) are leading another Spring Break Missions Trip down to Guerrero, Mexico this year with Heart Ministry. They are former members of our church and used to be missionaries in Mexico for 7 years. They have extended to us an invitation to join. I know some of you have done a similar trip in the past. The dates for this years trip are March 17-24th, 2018. That is the first week of the Spring Break. The missions trip would be building a house for a family in need in the rural Baja area.  

If you are interested in finding out more information about joining this Missions trip then please email myself or the church at  We have a few families already interested in going so we would love to put the invite out to anyone else who might be interested in joining a team from our church.

Thanks so much, 

Kaycie Burtchett 

Food for the Hungry: Ending Poverty Together Bootcamp


Hi friends! 

Throughout the gospels, Christ turns people's perspectives upside down when it comes to the established social pecking order of his day: He consistently ate with people he shouldn't have eaten with, touched people who were considered "untouchable" and responded to people's immediate, physical needs. His heart for the poor and the marginalized is evident throughout scripture. We are called to join him in seeing people on the margins, treating them with dignity and caring for the physical, as much as spiritual, needs of those around us. 

That said, best way to care isn't always straightforward. How to respond to things like the fentanyl crisis, refugee flows from very diverse places, natural disasters or plain, old, grinding, chronic poverty?  We want to wrestle through these challenges together to come to an understanding of how to help in a healthy way. To get a taste of what the day will be about, click here for a promo video and registration page

There is hope and there are ways to participate in Christ's work. Come and explore some of this topic in a thoughtful, open space. We'd love to see you there. 



  • Saturday, Dec 2nd from 8:30-3:30 (lunch provided) at the church.
  • Cost is $25 with lunch included but we can provide subsidies to ensure everyone who wants to participate is able to. 

You can invite your friends through our Facebook event at this link here!

If you have any questions, email the office at


UCM: Greece Service Trip

Greece Trip Header.png

University Christian Ministries, an AMS club at the University of British Columbia, has directed many of their outreach efforts in the past two years at privately sponsoring refugee families to live in Vancouver. Since fall 2015, they have partnered with UBC Refugee Relief to raise over $30,000 in total for both a family of 8 (who have successfully relocated here) and 4 young Syrians whose sponsorship process is underway. Now, they are sending a team of 13 students to Lesvos over Christmas to respond to an urgent need for volunteers.

Learn more and help support us at our YouCaring page!

Missions Fest 2017

Hi church,

You are encouraged to check out this year's Missions Fest at the Vancouver Convention Centre from January 27-29. Some speakers we recommend are Bob Ekblad and our very own David Collins. 

Bob is a longtime friend of Redemption Church and is one of the main speakers this year. Bob’s passion is to see leaders from the margins and mainstream raised up and empowered by the Spirit to announce the liberating Gospel of Jesus’ Kingdom—on earth as in heaven in the places of greatest need. He will be speaking on Friday, January 27th at the 7pm general session, and on Sunday, January 29th at 10am

David will be speaking on Saturday, January 28 from 11am-12pm in Room 07. His topic will be on Pursuing justice for others: Member Care - Missionary Advocacy. The focus will be on how to properly care for missionaries who come back from the field.

Check out their website for more details. For a schedule overview, click this link here

Redemption Church Mission Survey

Hi Church!

The newly formed mission committee is developing a church vision and strategy for cross-cultural outreach ("mission") and would like your help regardless of whether "missions" excites you or not. 

Please fill out this short survey by clicking here to start! None of the questions are mandatory to complete the survey, but the more you fill out, the more helpful it will be.



The Redemption Missions Committee

Mexico Housebuilding Report

Hey church, friends, and family!  

Come and join us this Sunday for a live update - complete with stories and more pictures.   You can check out the pictures below to get a taste for what we'll share on Sunday.  

You can read our team update below this slideshow. 

Thanks again for your love and interest and support. 

Lisl and the Mexico Housebuilding team



Dear church, friends, and family,  

I am very grateful and excited to be back home and able to bring you some news from our trip.  First and foremost - I want to thank you all again for partnering with us - whether through your interest, questions, and conversations with us, with your finances, and in your prayers.  Our team was very aware that we couldn't have done this trip and shared this amazing experience without an entire village backing us.  Thanks for being that village! 

Our team did exceptionally well with the 36 hours of travel time it took to get from Vancouver, BC to Vicente Guerrero, Baja California del Norte, Mexico.  The drivers were exhausted, but never once complained.  The kids got along really well in our tight quarters.  I was really quite impressed with the whole team :)

From Monday to Thursday we worked relatively full days on our project site - building a house for our Mexican family.  Juan and Carmelita and their daughters Luz and Alma were so very hospitable to us - and worked alongside us in every step of the housebuilding.  Their friends and 'hermanos y hermanas' (brothers and sisters) from their church family dropped by regularly and were quick to pick up a hammer and nails or paint and paintbrush to help in this family event.  Our kids and adults worked alongside their kids and their adults - and together we built this house.  And it was so evident to our team that this truly is a home that God will establish.  The deep sense of gratitude and praise from Juan and Carmelita - first to God and secondly to the generosity of our extended community was obvious.  And it was always in that order!  On Friday - our final day of work - we spent a couple of hours putting on the finishing touches, and then we were served a delicious home-cooked meal by this generous family who have only been eating 2 meals a day because of their current lack of employment.  

I will save some of our other stories for later - when the whole team is back home to share with you - but in sum, we are all so grateful to have seen and tasted God's love and kindness here on earth.   Our perspectives have been transformed when it comes to the question of poverty and what truly makes us rich.  

Thank you for your prayers!  I am grateful to report that we were healthy and safe on our drive down.  A couple of team members had various cold symptoms, but were still able to participate in every step of the project.   Team dynamics were even better than we could have expected - and everybody was willing to work and do what was necessary and best for the whole team.  

Please continue to pray for the team as some have returned to Vancouver already and some are still traveling home.  Pray that God would be close to each one and every single team member - child and adult would be attentive and responsive to whatever God is doing in their lives.  Please pray for the transition and culture-shock that we will experience at different times and in different ways.  Join us in continuing to pray for our dear Mexican family and their church community.  They still face daily struggles with health and finances, but continue to seek God's face in everything they do.  Pray for our Redemption Church community and surrounding neighbourhoods.  One of our goals from day 1 was to be able to return to this place and this community and ask deeper questions about what God is doing here and how he is inviting us to participate.  Pray that we would all be willing to listen and courageous to step out in response.  

We will share a live report with the church on Sunday, April 3, so come and join us to hear some stories and see some more pictures!  

Thank you all for your support in this.  We couldn't have done it without you!

Lisl (for the entire Mexico Housebuilding Team)

The Mexico Housebuilding Team is hitting the road!

Hey church, friends, and family!  

At 3:30am on Friday, March 11, the 18-member Mexico housebuilding team is piling into 2 mini-vans and a honda civic to take on a 30 hour drive to Baja, Mexico.   

We are so grateful for your prayers, your conversations, your encouragement, and the many financial contributions that have made this trip possible.  From paying exorbitant amounts of money for tacos and baked goods, to loose change in the offering bucket, to very generous cheques, you have partnered with us and we couldn't go to Mexico without you.  We are pleased to report to you that as of yesterday afternoon, all of our team expenses have been covered!  You helped us raise over $10, 000.  THANK YOU for joining with us in this exciting adventure. 

Here is a rough trip itinerary if you want to pray specific travel prayers for us: 

Friday, March 11 @ 3:30am - Depart Vancouver, BC and drive to Sacramento, CA.   (15-16 hours of the rain)
Saturday, March 12 - Drive from Sacramento, CA to San Diego, CA (8 hours of driving)
Sunday, March 13 - Drive from San Diego, CA to Vicente Guerrero, Baja California del Norte, Mexico  (5-7 hour trip depending on the border)
Monday, March 14 - Friday, March 18 - Build a house.  Meet the locals.  Visit missionaries, churches, and other organizations in the neighbourhood.  See what the Lord has in store for us!
Saturday, March 19 - Drive from Vicente Guerrero, BCN Mexico to San Diego.  Some of the team will fly home.  Some of the team will take the rest of spring break to drive home.  

Here are some other prayer requests.  We would LOVE to be covered for the duration of our trip. Please pray: 

  • For health and safety on our drive down and while in Mexico.  Especially for our first round of drivers who won't be getting much sleep tonight.
  • For team relationships - that we would communicate and deal with conflict well.  That we would grow in love for one another and for God as we travel and learn and serve in Mexico.
  • For each person on our team that we would be open to whatever God has in store for us - even if it means letting go of our own agendas. 
  • For Heart Ministries - that God would bless them for the work that they do. 
  • For the family whose house we are building.  
  • For an all-around attentiveness to the Holy Spirit.  We know that God has gone ahead of us, we just don't yet know what he's planning to do.  
  • For you - the community who is carrying us in prayer.  That Jesus would speak to you and minister to and through you wherever you are. 
  • Thank God for his generous provision for us. 

It's a bit cliche, but it is also very true that 'it takes a village' to send a team like this.  Thank you so much for being part of the village! 

With lots of love (and already excited to come back to you with our stories!) 

Lisl and the Mexico Housebuilding Team

Taco Lunch Fundraiser for Mexico Housebuilding Team


Hey church!  

Join us on Sunday, February 14th after the second service (around 1pm) to help support the Mexico Housebuilding team by eating some tacos and donating towards their trip fund. 

A group of 17 (children, adults, and youth) are going down to the Baja California del Norte region in Mexico to partner with an organisation that builds houses for Mexican families.   Gord and Carol Taylor and their family spent 6 and 1/2 years serving there, and they will be joining us to help lead the team down there.  This is a pilot project to explore and see if this kind of ministry opportunity is something that Redemption Church would like to be involved with in the future.  

What can you do?  


  • Pray for our team as we plan and prepare for our trip (March 11-March 20)
  • Pray for the organisation we are partnering with (
  • Pray for the family whose house we will be building
  • Pray that God would go ahead of us and the Holy Spirit would make us attentive and ready to the ways that he chooses to work in and through us
  • Ask God if he would like for you to contribute financially towards this project


  • The base cost to build a house is $3800 US which equals approximately $5320 Cdn.  We need to raise this much money. 
  • If we are able to raise more money than this, it will go towards team transportation and living costs while we are away.  Otherwise each team member will pay for their own costs. 
  • You can give on Sunday mornings by putting your donation in an offering envelope and marking 'Mexico Housebuilding Project' on it.  Donations are eligible for a tax receipt. You can also donate online:  After choosing the donation amount you will be given the option to designate your funds.  Scroll down the menu and choose "Mexico Homebuilding Project."

Stay tuned for more information!  

We look forward to seeing you - and eating tacos with you - on Sunday, February 14th!

For more information or if you have any questions, contact Lisl in person or via

Christmas Hampers

This season we're helping the Crisis Pregnancy Centre of Vancouver & Richmond by collecting items for Christmas hampers. These hampers are for mothers and their families, all of whom are in low-income situations. Church, would you consider blessing these families by gifting one or more of the following items:

  • Groceries (or a grocery gift card)
  • Presents for infants and children under age 2 (clothing, toys, or books)
  • Diapers and wipes
  • Gifts for mom (ex. soaps, chocolates, and candles)

If you'd like to contribute, please place items in the designated bins that are located to the right of the stage by Sunday, December 13. If you have any additional questions or would like more information, please email Redemption community member, Katrina here.

* Please note that the items need to be new as these hampers are given as gifts to the families.

Also, every Christmas we like to put together small gifts for members of our own church community. If you would like to participate in this, please purchase some grocery gift cards and drop them off in the main office.


* Oikos communities will be assembling Christmas hampers for families in need from Bayview Elementary School.