ARTS OIKOS Goes Guerrilla

Recently the ARTS OIKOS took to the streets, putting up hand crafted evangelistic posters. The posters went up all along North Granville Street: on poles, buildings slated for demolition, and a construction site that was lit up like a gallery wall. And thinking green, the group used a biodegradable cornstarch glue to put up the posters.

The group had prayed about where to place their “Wanted” poster series. One of the group members had a dream, in which there was a red neon light flashing ‘Tobacco’  with one of the posters behind it.  A voice said "put the posters where they will be seen through the neon signs.”  The implication was that the posters would shine as lights of hope for people looking for their addiction fix.  The group decided that North Granville Street was the place to go.

The Arts OIKOS also connected with a man named Adam, who was selling his art on the street. He was a talented artist who shared his artistic vision with the group. It was neat because the poster they gave him featured Michelangelo's Hand of God and "Adam". Adam continues to be in their prayers.

If you're an artist and would like to check out the ARTS OIKOS, please visit the OIKOS page for more details about how to connect!

Oikos Sunday: Meet the folks at Kits Beach

kits beach oikos.png

On the first Sunday of every month, we'll be spending a bit of time in our Sunday service with one of our eight Oikos groups, and to kick things off, we're meeting the Kits Beach Oikos this Sunday. 

This awesome and friendly group of folk meets every Wednesday night, at 7pm. If you’re interested in connecting with them, you can check out their details here, or better yet, introduce yourself to Jordan and Liz Eshpeter on Sunday! All are welcome.

New Oikos Group: Fermenting


Like experimenting in the kitchen? Love working on practical projects and making tasty treats?

A new Oikos group is starting up soon - centred around making food (fermenting in particular) and friends.

So if you care about kombucha, salivate over sauerkraut, get pumped about pickles or just want a new and tasty way to get involved in church life and connect with a community, please contact:

Melissa Horman:  

Times and dates TBD based on responses, so don't let this idea ferment too long! Email Melissa today! 

10 Hampers for 10 Families

This year our OIKOS groups, youth, and members of the church community helped make ten Christmas hampers for ten local families in need. Thanks to everyone who participated!

It's Hampertime!!!


As an expression of mission this Christmas season, I would like to encourage invite you and your friends/family to put together Christmas hampers for some of the less fortunate families that have children who attend Bayview Elementary (the school beside the church). We have been doing this in partnership with Bayview for many years, and always see much blessing and joy for local families who need a little Christmas cheer and support.  We also put together a couple of hampers for some of our dear friends in need who are part of our church community. 

Each hamper can contain non-perishable food items, gift(s) for family members, as well as a food gift card/certificates. The food card is helpful so that families can choose and buy the food they want/need. Include your name and any Christmas message with the hamper so that the family knows where the hamper is coming from. 

I will be able to provide you with the name of the family, # of family members complete with sex and age as well as a wish list of ideas that each parent would like considered. 

The hampers need to be put together and delivered to the church by Sunday December 15 so that Bayview can collect and deliver them to the families during the last week of school before Christmas break. 

This Sunday there will be grey bins/hampers at the church in the lobby. 

- Tyson Beesley

Family Focused Oikos Meeting - October 6

family oikos.png

Family Focused OIKOS Meeting

In October we are hoping to launch a new OIKOS that is geared specifically for parents with young children. The OIKOS will be a place of meaningful relationships, mission, teaching, and input for parents, as well as intentionally integrating the children into the groups UP/IN/OUT practices. If this interests you, we would love for you to attend the upcoming meeting.

WhenSunday October 6th 


Location: PGCC (W 7th and Collingwood)

Lunch and childcare will be provided.

Please RSVP if you plan to attend so we know how much food to prepare.