The Dove's Christmas List...

doves christmas list.png

This Christmas we are focussing our fundraising efforts as a church in support of our missionaries the Dove family and their work with Imagine Thailand.

They've provided us with a fabulous and practical Christmas Wish List:

Hannah's computer:

Covers 2⁄3 of the cost of a computer for Hannah, a full-time Bangkok Uni staff worker. She programs, promotes and communicates primarily with Buddhist & Muslim students.

Cost: $320. 

Student Trips - Allows for 1 Thai University student to participate in short-term community development projects with Imagine Thailand in marginalized communities. This Christmas 8-12 students may help with some repair work and will present Christmas gifts to Burmese Migrant children in Mae Sot (it's a little unusual as some in the group are Muslim students, who will be presenting Christmas gifts given by a local evangelical church, to Buddhist migrants). Students pay for some of the cost like travel; this is to help cover hosting them.

Cost: $50/student. 

Student programs at the Bangkok university as well a university in the south - Includes, ESL programming, leadership development, counselling and community development training.

Cost: $100/student. 

You can help cross these items off the list by simply noting on your offering envelope "Doves - Missions" or you can donate online by checking out our giving page and specifying "Doves - Missions" through Canada Helps. 

If you'd like to make a personal connection with the Doves and find out more, you can chat with Steven H.