Fine Arts Multiversity


From July 20-24, 2015, Redemption Church is hosting our first ever 


A Marvelous, Masterful, & Merry place for all ages to unleash creative genius.

Using the amazing Dr. Seuss as inspiration, all of the sessions take their lead from the colours, rhyme, language, visuals and characters from the stories and wonder of Seuss.  These sessions will each contribute to our Snippets of Seuss" extravaganza, which closes out the week of our multiversity. All are invited to present at the extravaganza, whether it be to the invited audience at the production or in the art gallery. 

Participants of all-ages can register for a half or full day of creative learning.  

  • 9am-12pm: Dance & Music

  • 1pm-4pm: Art & Drama  (Lunch supervision provided)

We will conclude our week with a celebratory performance.  


Have you ever itched to try your hand at songwriting? Do you think you have a song within you just bursting to be heard?  Do you have an important message that needs to be spoken? Do you realize that putting a message to a melody is a powerful way for it to be remembered?

Would you like to be a part of something more powerful than a single voice singing alone? This session will have three parts: 1) the group sing 2) the lyrics of songwriting 3) the melody of songwriting. The goal of the week is to perform the original songs that the individuals/group have composed.


Movement of any kind is a joy, but in dance there is a particular kind of joy expressed. That is increased exponentially when able to be done with a group. In this session we will be looking at a kind of folkdance called hip hop and the stories it tells.


In this session we will explore Seussian sculpture in the form of papier mache. Whether a mini-sculpture of personal size or a mammoth sculpture done by group effort and included in the sets for our production, there will be something for all creative zaniness. Painting and drawing techniques will also be included.


Seuss walks off the page in this session as many of his well-loved books are brought to life in 3D stories with living characters. Be a part of the fun as Sam and Cat battle it out, as Fox and Knox get the audience involved, and some not-so-well-known characters are introduced to the land of the living.


Our enthusiastic leader, Aloha Johnson, brings to the table 30+ years experience working with children of all ages, youth and adults in a variety of settings; from one-on-one, to small groups, to the classroom, to seminars, to audience presentations. Her passion for the arts runs deep and her ability to communicate that passion and pass on the learning is legendary.

With a degree in Fine Arts, a practical application of that degree in visual arts and many theatre genres--including musical theatre, comedy, street theatre, improv and choral musicAloha utilizes all types of music (classical, sacred, modern) and welcomes all ages into community to provide a unique creative learning experience for all. 

Aloha hails from Vancouver and has raised four children who have followed in her creative footsteps and are pursuing their passion for the arts in a variety of ways as well.


Early bird pricing extended to Sunday, July 12! 

  • $100 for half-days or $150 for full days.  UNTIL JULY 12, 2015

  • $150 for half-days or $200 for full days.  AFTER JULY 12, 2015

$15 off half-day and $25 off full-day registration when you refer a friend.  If you refer 6 friends (non-immediate family members) then your registration is FREE!  *Friends need to put your name in their online registration form*

Some financial scholarships are available. Contact Lisl Baker to apply. 

Make cheques payable to: Point Grey Community Church ~ Memo: Fine Arts Multiversity.  Please deliver or mail to Redemption Church at 3512 W 7th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V6R 1W3.  

All payment is due on July 20, 2015.  

More help needed:

We're looking for volunteers in all areas of the arts to help in the planning stages and during the camp in July. Please contact Aloha Johnson or Lisl Baker if you're interested in learning more.

Come and join us in creating something fun and exciting for the whole community!


Registration Form for Volunteers and Participants 

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